Instagram Tests New Features

Instagram, one of the world's most widely used picture and video sharing platforms, is testing new features that will be available to users. The most notable of these features was the 'Stop Motion' feature, which Instagram offered to its users for a period of time but was later removed for an unknown reason.

Instagram, which continues its commercial life in Facebook, one of the most used social media platforms in the world. especially coming. The features that are currently in the testing phase will be available to users upon positive completion of the tests. Let's take a closer look at those features:

One of the features Instagram has included in the testing process is 'Stop Motion'. Maybe we will remember, but for those who do not remember or do not know it is useful to summarize. This feature was recently introduced to users by Instagram, but was later removed for unknown reasons. With this feature, you can record for the specified time, you can stop this recording and then continue recording. In this way, the images appeared to be moving and you could share these images with your followers. Instagram is expanding the functionality of this feature and making it available to its users in a slightly more convenient way. It will be possible to stop the recording 10 times, which can be used in stories.

The second feature is actually a little more redesign. The interface page has been renewed so that videos shared via IGTV on Instagram can be shared more easily on Facebook. In this way, users can easily share their IGTV videos on Facebook

Another feature that has been tested is that it makes it easy to make stories. As you can see in the image below, you will now be able to use multiple images in a single story.

Another feature that will come to Instagrama is also about IGTV. After that, users will be able to preview their IGTV videos as they wish. Facebook seems to have thought about the comfort of its users.


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Which of these features would you like to see on Instagram? You can share your ideas with us