"Institutional investors quietly collecting Bitcoin"

With the announcement of Coinbase Custody, crypto investors and traders were thrilled by the perception that the industry would eventually appeal to the corporate sector and to be used by institutional investors.

However, since the announcement,

According to experts, institutional investors may already have begun to accumulate Bitcoin.

However, according to experts, institutional investors may already have anticipated Coinbase Custody and similar regulations.

Cindicator finance analyst Hjortur Justinussen said that the likelihood that institutional investors could expect the CBOE Bitcoin ETF, which could be approved by the SEC in the coming weeks, is:

Investors' accumulation will remain silent in the process. Coinbase has an insurance policy for all digital money, including physical security, cyber security and employee theft. In addition, funds are always kept at less than 2 percent in the online repository.

Monthly wages cost an installation fee of $ 100,000, at least $ 10 million in investment and 10 base points. The question that comes to mind in this case is then how likely is an ETF by the CBOE.

In the statement that some institutional investors may use Coinbase Custody or OTC transactions to initiate positions before any price escalation in the ETF

Public trust in CBOE is higher than Coinbase at any time. For this reason, I assume that the CBOE ETF will await because most of the institutional investors are already ready. This is when the CBOE ETF is expected to lead to a significant price increase in the market, then they can use the OTC.

Institutional investors often keep their investment decisions hidden

Haydar Haba, a partner of Andra Capital, a new growth fund that democratizes the risk capital area,

Many investors need custody solutions, so a service like Coinbase Custody is quite advantageous for traditional investors looking for securitization solutions for their securitized assets. We believe that we will see right at the end of this year and early in the beginning of next year.

Haba assessed the silence of investors with the following words:

In our experience, investors rarely disclose their investment decisions to the public. The first advantage is a great advantage in terms of providing high returns with the advantage. However, some may still be open to the public.

Svandis CEO Hermann Finnbjörnsson, a fintech platform for market analysts and investors in the field of cryptography, said "keeping in custody is a major bottleneck for institutional investors."

In our view, market investors do not know that institutional funds have been systematically investing in crypto-paradigms for many quarters, even if not for many years.

We may witness interesting developments in the coming weeks

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