Intel Comet Lake-S: Unpublished desktop processors in China en masse

In China, dozens of pre-series processors from Intel's Comet Lake-S processor family are apparently making the rounds. Intel has not even officially announced the desktop series, but the launch should not be long in coming.

Different models were in the meantime in the Chinese marketplace Taobao available. The seller shows so-called engineering samples with six and ten cores, which Intel normally uses for evaluation and sends to partners. Reduced CPU clock rates are common for such pre-series processors: The 10-core with 125 Watt Thermal Design Power (TDP), apparently an early example of a Core i9-10900K, has a base clock of 3.3 GHz. A 65-watt version, which could appear as the Core i9-10900, comes to 2.5 GHz. The final specifications should be 3.7 or 2.8 GHz base clock – the Turbo is rumored to crack the 5 GHz mark.

36 CPUs alone in the top tray.
(Image: Taobao )

The website XFastest from Hong Kong bought an alleged pre-production model of the Core i9-10900 and shows corresponding close-ups. According to this, processors from the Comet Lake-S CPU family can be recognized by the nickel-plated copper heat spreader: unlike the previous Coffee Lake-S series (Core i-9000), the lid runs continuously on the lower edge without notching. In addition, the lower left corner of the heat spreader is flattened. On the back you can see the additional gold contacts for the 1200 instead of 1151 pins of the LGA1200 CPU socket. Offset notches on the processor carrier prevent installation in a LGA1151 mainboard.

XFastest shows the engineering sample already installed, presumably was able to find a suitable mainboard, for example with a Z490 chipset. Although the readout tool CPU-Z lists the LGA1159, it is confirmed XFastest the use of the LGA1200. The LGA1159 circulated a year ago as a possible successor to the current LGA1151, so the CPU-Z developers could have given the wrong name. The most recent one was April 2020 as a presentation date for Comet Lake-S and Z490 mainboards.


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