Intel Trigger on Rapid Prototype Attention

Along with evolving and growing technology, "all-in-one" products are becoming increasingly popular. For example, you can use Google Pixel 2 XL instead of a professional camera. Normally a smartphone, this product is not as productive and comfortable as a notebook or a long article, while the camera can function. Intel's Tiger Rapids, which is shown at Computex 2018, comes into play at this point.

On one side of this new product is a Windows 10 PC with 7.9-inch LCD screen, while the other has an E Ink panel. Intel has made improvements to the new device not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of software, allowing the device to recognize the secondary display as a USB peripheral. You can check the notes you receive on this side instantly via the second screen. If you wish to write, you can write with handwriting with electronic pen or with virtual keyboard. Thus a well-known notepad is presented to the user via Windows.

The prototype of the Trigger Rapids, of course, also has some shortcomings. In terms of software, the device that needs to work a bit more steadily and performance must be as good as its exterior design. There is not much to say about the e-ink screen, because it is not clear whether the reaction delays here are from software or hardware. Tiger Rapids' response to stylus retention and delay times are much lower. Intel opted to use a matte finish on the main LCD screen that would prevent the flicker, but the ink created a good synergy with the screen. This preserves the readability and usability of both panels under sunlight.


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The new Tiger Rapids device is a very slim, lightweight and compact device in terms of size. The new Intel prototype, which resembles the Lenovo Yoga model introduced a few years ago, has reached its maximum level with today's technology. With this subtlety, it is also worth mentioning that the battery life is about 6-7 hours.

If Intel is to face some surprises with the IFA event to be held in Berlin in September, there is no explanation as to when the product will be manufactured or when it will be sold, It is highly probable. Speaking of Yoga Book 2 in particular, we can be confident that the product will appear for the first time in this activity. Even if we are lucky, we are likely to see dual-camera ultraportable computers.