"Internet Explorer 6 Dies from YouTube"

According to a new conspiracy theory shared by an old YouTuber, Internet Explorer 6 lost popularity as a result of a 'testers' by YouTube engineers.

In 2009, the internet was another point. The iPhone was only two years old, Android was on the new uprising, and most people were using desktop computers to surf the Internet. In those years, Internet Explorer 6 had a 20% share in the browser market and was therefore considered one of the most popular web browsers.


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Then something went wrong. People quickly started to migrate to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8. What triggered this sudden transition? Former YouTuber Chris Zacharias shared with a story he wrote on his personal blog that YouTube engineers brought the end of Internet Explorer 6.

Although Internet Explorer 6 was a popular browser in those years, Firefox was less modern than competitors like Chrome, and fewer updates he was taking. YouTube engineers have added a warning note to the YouTube homepage that tells us how to react to users, as soon as IE6 is not supported, and that they should switch to a more modern browser.

'is prohibited. A few engineers cannot determine which browser a web site supports or will not support. Therefore, in a normal scenario, the YouTube engineers who made this warning could lose their jobs or transfer to a different volume.

The result was that users switched to işler more modern yapan browsers in a way that no one expected. Internet Explorer 6 thus lost its market share and was doomed to death. Today, Chrome, owned by Google, has a market share of 60% in the browser market. Firefox is one of the most popular browsers.