Internet of Things Hosts Threats for Children

With the development of technology, children born into computers and the Internet world are improving their coding and design skills with the new generation of Internet of Things devices, but according to experts, the internet of objects has some drawbacks for children.

At first glance, it can be interpreted as a very good development for children to develop themselves by learning programming for IoT devices, but experts from Lancaster University say this is not exactly the case. Failure to properly evaluate IoT devices may pose a risk to children and other people around them.


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The use, commercialization and security concerns of children's data using IoT devices are among the most important factors for experts to warn parents. A study by assessing the risks arising from the University of Lancaster. Bran Knowles said:

"There may be significant gaps in the privacy and security understanding of children learning to code with IoT devices. Parents may not have enough technical knowledge to help them manage their privacy and safety. Children are trained against social media bullying, but there is no training for IoT designers yet in the curriculum for IoT designers. it should identify appropriate strategies. "


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Their work; Knowles said that it would be very helpful for designers to implement a strategy against critical risks, while at the same time providing enough func- tions to provide a fun learning experience.