Internet Use Habits of Turkish Women Announced

March 8, International Women's Day, the IAB and Gemius Turkey, "Digital Map of Turkish Women" released from work. In the study, women place so much information is given to the time they spend on the internet in digital habits.

As part of International Women's Day, women published a study that examined the use of the Internet in Turkey. Research, IAB Turkey was created with the Internet Measurement Research and Gemius Adrealin data.

The number of women access to the computer from the Internet in the year 2018 12.411.137, the number of women reaching the mobile has been announced as 21,272,212.

category is video and television where women most preferred was the category. Social networks in this area were ranked as 2nd, news 3., e-commerce 4. and life took 5th place.


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Women spent most of their time in social networks, followed by the categories of ads, e-commerce, games and news.

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Women spent 9 hours and 11 minutes per month on YouTube and 10 hours 29 minutes on Netflix.