Introduces Physical Keyboard for Google Pixel 3 XL

The physical keyboard for Google Pixel 3 XL phones was introduced at CES 2019. Although the keyboard doesn't have the keys in the way we know it, there's a keypad to make typing a lot easier.

If you have the Google Pixel 3 XL and you think it would have been a physical keyboard, Tech21 also thought like you and it was exactly like the Pixel 3 XL He explained that he developed a cover called Evo Type. It's like a product you might need to write long texts

The keyboard is wirelessly connected to the phone via NFC.

Although we use the physical term for the keyboard, there is a touch pad instead of a keypad. Alış You will get used to the comfort and comfort of the cover over time, ız says the manufacturer. Alış


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Although there is no information on the price, the price of the cases on the manufacturer's web site is generally around $ 45-50, so we expect this case to be between these prices and it will be like spring. [19459006]             Udemy Course That You Can Learn Complete Java to Start Programming is £ 24.99 Instead of 409 TL




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