Introducing a Driver Without Driver

One of the countries that followed the driverless vehicle trend was Canada. Driverless buses are on display in Vancouver, the third largest city in the country

The popularity of driverless vehicles is increasing day by day. Although some accidents, driverless automobiles are thought to be fully integrated with our lives in the medium and long term. Some countries and companies foresee the future of this sector and make some progress on these vehicles.

Known for its high level of education and prosperity, Canada has launched an driverless bus service in the country's third largest city, Vancouver. There is a radar sensor, camera and GPS in the driverless bus that can reach up to 40 km / h. The bus, which uses the sensors on it to avoid hitting the pedestrian and objects, is progressing through software-defined routes.


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The bus, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers, also has some systems for easy access and exit of wheelchairs and strollers. The driverless bus is working on a specially designed line that does not include motor vehicles.