Inventory System Will Change in New Version of Minecraft

Minecraft’s upcoming “Caves and Cliffs” update will make a significant change in the game’s inventory system. As part of this change, players will collect ores such as gold, copper and iron as raw, not blocks. This will eliminate inventory clutter.

It has been in our lives since 2011 and has made its name in history as one of the best selling games in the world. Minecraftwill receive an update called “Caves and Cliffs” in the near future. If it’s a screenshot from the update “21w14a“It reveals that this update coded will offer an important innovation to Minecraft players.

One of the indispensable aspects of Minecraft is undoubtedly the ores that can be collected. The players collect in the game to your inventory they add They could then use the ores to craft different objects. Users were collecting these ores in blocks in the current version. However, this will change in the version with code 21w14a. Ores such as gold, iron and copper in the new update ham as can be gathered.


The change made by the Minecraft developers is that the inventory system of the game more compact will make it happen. Because the inventory system used in previous versions was complex, something that was voiced by almost all Minecraft players. This mess, with the new update eliminated it will be.


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The raw ores that will be available in the new version of Minecraft are the ones that Minecraft players often use.Fortune“It will also increase the effect of the spell named”. bonus will enable players to collect healthier ore.

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