Investigation from the BRSA to the banks

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) has announced that it has initiated an investigation into complaints about banks that lead their customers to ın misleading and manipulative ı foreign exchange buying.

In the written statement made by the Authority, the necessary administrative and legal processes will be carried out and

The statement reads:

alar Recently, some complaints have been received by our institution that some banks have been misleading and manipulating their customers in the exchange of foreign exchange in the foreign exchange markets.

The investigation and investigation has been initiated by our institution and the necessary administrative and legal processes will be carried out. All information and complaints to be communicated will be closely monitored and evaluated by our institution. 900

Review of JPMorgan

In the second statement made by the institution, it was announced that an investigation was launched for JPMorgan. BRSA, in this regard kurum An investigation was initiated about the institution mentioned within the scope of intense complaints conveyed to our institution regarding the volatility in financial markets due to the misleading and manipulative content of the report published by JPMorgan on March 22, 2019 and especially the reputation and depreciation of the banks of our country. and the legal process will be carried out. 7

The CMB is also investigating JPMorgan

. JPMorgan Chase & Co. was established on 22.03.2019. In accordance with the complaints filed with our Institution, the Capital Markets Law No. 6362 has been initiated within the framework of the complaints submitted to Borsa İstanbul due to the misleading content of the report.

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