Investment Bank Berlin: Application documents for Corona aid delivered incorrectly

The Investitionsbank Berlin has sent documents from companies that have applied for economic support due to the corona pandemic to the wrong people. The several users report on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Uwe Sachs, press spokesman for Investitionsbank Berlin, confirmed this at "In fact, the applicant's data was published for a short time," Sachs explained. The bug had been fixed last night.

Job market

  1. Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt
  2. Allianz Lebensversicherungs – AG, Munich

Small businesses and the self-employed have been able to apply for help since Friday afternoon, part of a Immediate program of the state of Berlin are. However, the technology of the investment bank was initially overwhelmed with the large number of applications.

Queue because form is overloaded

Tens of thousands of users who want to fill out the corresponding online form are redirected to a queue website. This is called by a Danish service Queue-it operated. No further applications are currently being processed. However, users can be informed about the position in the queue by email.

However, while delayed applications are annoying but not dramatic, numerous user reports indicate that the system has also caused a major data protection problem. Users who successfully submitted applications subsequently received a link to other people's application documents.

Some users received their application documents manually from those who mistakenly received them. So write one Twitter users: "Someone received my PDF and kindly sent it to me."

According to Sachs, the investment bank noticed the error on Friday, around 5:30 p.m. When asked by, Sachs was unable to answer how many users were affected by the data breach and whether sensitive data was also transmitted. So far, there is nothing to read about the incorrect deliveries on the Investment Bank's website. From a However, the bank's tweet is clearthat the problem is now known there: "We thank you for the information on the faulty download forms. We have rectified this immediately and are already in contact with our data protection officer. The data of the persons have nevertheless been received correctly."

Addendum of March 28, 2020, 11:10 a.m.

We have supplemented the article with quotes from the press officer of the Investitionsbank Berlin.

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