IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Partnership Will Continue

Hitman’s developer, IO Interactive, announced today that Warner Bros. that the partnership will continue with the new game they will develop.

The developer IO Interacitve and Warner Bros. are working together in Hitman 2 and Hitman HD Enhanced Collection. Interactive Entertainment announced today that their partnership will continue in the new game.

No details of the new game have been given for the time being, but the new game seems to have nothing to do with Hitman. IO CEO Hakan Abrak said in a statement that this project will take place in a new universe where Agent 47 is not at the center. While no information is given about the release date and platforms of the game, the game is likely to come for computers and consoles.

Hitman 3 and more


This news wasn't really unexpected, it was known that IO was working on a new brand in the gaming world. The statement today confirmed the new game IO is working on.

The studio's work on Hitman doesn't mean that everything is clear. IO may be working on a new brand. There are also reports that Hitman 3, which is currently being worked on, will be a segmented format that was found in games a few years ago.


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IO Interactive looks pretty busy right now, except when more information about the new brand and Hitman 3 is coming. Considering that the new consoles will be released at the end of 2020, it is quite possible that the studio will make plans for the games that the studio will bring to the new consoles.