iOS 11 Running Jailbreak Released on All iPhones

A jailbreak has been released that works on all iPhones with iOS 11 and above, including Apple’s mobile operating system iOS latest version iOS 13.5. Apple has not yet released a security update for the vulnerability Jailbreakin uses.

Located among the leading companies in the technology sector AppleWith the new technologies it introduces every year and solution methods to existing problems, it directs the progress of this sector. In addition, Apple is not only able to provide users with some predetermined changes to he lets him do it.

Tired of these restrictions Apple has applied and their settings Users who want to use it on their devices perform a process called jailbreak. Apple’s restrictions the lift this type of access leaves the user in control of the device.

A jailbreak released on all iOS 11 and above iPhones

ios 13.5 jailbreak

A famous hacker group that has been doing great work on iPhones before, iOS 11 and above on all iPhones has released a new jailbreak tool that works. The jailbreak published by the group that named them unc0ver, Latest version of iOS 13.5It draws attention with its work even in.

The hacking team mentioned jailbreak Although it is not yet known what the software vulnerability it found and used to gain access, it is expected to emerge in the coming days, as hackers like this one and the others in the iOS operating system deficits while Apple is looking for a way to find and infiltrate the operating system, Apple detects these vulnerabilities and instantly security update Hibernating to publish.

Using jailbreak is not safe

jailbreak ios 13.5

According to what security experts say; Since the jailbreak process made some changes inside the device’s own operating system, vulnerabilities also opens the door. An Apple covering the latest iOS version after Apple received negative security reviews in the days we were inside. the jailbreak publication was not good at all.

A group of hackers in the week we are in, the preliminary version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 14, which has not been revealed yet. months ago had explained what they had.