iOS 13.3 Update Released: Here's What's New

Apple continues to update without delay, many innovations and bug fixes, including the iOS 13.3 update released. The update includes improvements and bug fixes such as the long-awaited 'Communication Limits' feature.

Apple continues the intermediate updates of the stable version of iOS 13, iOS 13.3 released the update. After weeks of developer beta, this update includes improvements to the long-awaited 'Screen Time' feature introduced at the WWDC 2019 conference. In addition, iOS 13.3 brings several critical bug fixes.

As you know, Apple is releasing new operating system versions for different devices simultaneously. So with iOS 13.3 iPad OS 13.3, TV OS 13.3, Watch OS 6.1.1 and Mac OS 10.15.2 updates are also released. After making this reminder, we can take a closer look at what's new with iOS 13.3.

What's new with iOS 13.3:

ios 13.3

Apple's promise in WWDC 2019, a feature that parents have been waiting for a long time 'Communication Limits' finally released with this update. This feature allows parents to control who their children can communicate with during both working time and Display Time; FaceTime includes control of Phone, Messaging and iCloud contacts. At this point, Communication Limits, which always allow emergency calls, can be blacklisted when activated.

Another innovation that comes with the update is a new option that allows you to turn off Memoji. In addition, Apple has tested NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2 in Safari security switches their support also finally launched. With this support, physical security keys, such as YubiKey, can be used to replace software-based two-factor authentication options.


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With the release of the updated iOS 13.3, Apple adds a new one to its updates, thus making iOS 13 more stable. It is possible to say that the company has been very successful in this way since the release of iOS 13. To download the latest iOS 13.3 update, you can follow these steps on your iPhone: Settings> General> Software Update.

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