iOS 13.4: Comprehensive Apple update for iPhones and iPads

iOS and iPadOS 13.4 are available for download. The update can be downloaded via the integrated software update, depending on the iPhone and iPad model it is different in size: from several hundred MBytes to the GByte range. The operating system update released by Apple on Tuesday evening is surprisingly extensive and could be the last major update for iOS 13.

Version 13.4 provides a central function for iCloud, which has been postponed several times due to problems: Users can share folders stored in iCloud Drive in the Files app to give third parties access to the content, and the files in the folder can optionally be edited . However, an option to selectively synchronize certain iCloud folders still seems to be missing, as is the option of marking files for download so that they can be reliably kept offline.

In iPadOS 13.4, Apple now provides extensive mouse and trackpad support as announced, which goes far beyond the functionality of the accessibility that was already introduced with iOS 13. Mouse control works similarly to desktop operating systems and supports, among other things, right-clicks and mouse-over events when the cursor hovers over a certain element such as a link. On trackpads such as the Magic Trackpad 2, users can also control the system with gestures, for example to switch between apps and call up the app switcher.

(Source: Apple)

iOS 13.4 contains other important improvements. The mail app changed the button layout, which was much criticized by users: The new arrangement in iOS 13 could previously lead to the fact that emails were accidentally deleted because Apple had suddenly moved the delete button to the position in iOS 12 the answer button was still sitting. It has now been rearranged and there are also directly available buttons to sort emails or to compose a new email. The mail app should now automatically encrypt responses to emails encrypted using S / MIME if the appropriate configuration is available.

For the mail app, which has been problematic since iOS 13, Apple also promises further error corrections, including the removal of a bug that caused emails to be displayed in the wrong order.

Disconnection of the VPN connection should now be prominently displayed in the status bar in iOS 13.4 so that it is no longer hidden from the user of newer iPhones (from iPhone X). Apple has also rectified an error in which the mobile data connection was incorrectly displayed as deactivated in the settings.

CarPlay is now supposed to reliably maintain the connection to the infotainment system of "certain vehicles" and now supports third-party navigation apps in the new dashboard view. Information about an ongoing call is also displayed there, writes Apple.

Apple's game service Apple Arcade should now give faster access to the titles currently being played in order to work better across platforms. Apple also refers to the new "Universal Purchase" function launched on Tuesday, which makes it possible to purchase apps by email for all platforms of the manufacturer.

A complete list of the bug fixes listed by Apple can be viewed in the software update before the update is installed and should also appear on Apple's website shortly – as well as the information on the security vulnerabilities that have yet to be resolved.

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