iOS 13: Download for September 19th

iOS 13 will be released on Thursday, September 19 as free updates for iPhone and iPod touch. This announced Apple on Tuesday evening. Apple usually releases the system updates for download in the early evening hours. With iOS 13.1, the first major update is scheduled for the end of September – on the 30th, as the company noted. It provides features that are missing in iOS 13.0. Only on this date appears iPadOS for the iPad.

Certain older devices no longer get the new operating system version, including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – minimum requirement is now an iPhone 6s or iPhone SE. Of the iPod touch, only the seventh generation supports iOS 13. iPadOS requires at least an iPad 5, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 and runs on all iPad Pro generations.

iOS 13 introduces a "dark mode" on the iPhone and iPad, which can darken the user interface throughout the system – at sunset, for example. The system update also promises more power, including a faster launch of apps and a faster unlocking of the iPhone via Face ID. With iOS 13, Apple also provides extensive innovations for the tools for photo editing and allows for the first time to edit videos extensively directly in the photos app.

Apple has also enhanced the Maps app with a quick-access feature for frequent navigation destinations, allowing it to collect interesting locations in lists. System apps such as reminders, the Safari browser, notes, and mail receive many useful new features.

With iPadOS, Apple is significantly expanding the capabilities of the iPad with basic features of desktop operating systems: Apps are the first to open multiple windows so users can, for example, share two notes next to each other, or combine and switch windows of different apps in the split view.

iOS 13 should be significantly faster than its predecessors.

It is also possible to access external data storage and SMB servers via the Files app – this also works on the iPhone. iPad Safari is much more powerful and should now display websites in their desktop view – instead of in slimmed-down mobile versions. Even complex web apps such as Google Docs are supported.

(Update 10.9.2019 22:15 clock) Also in iOS 13.1 will be missing announced features, such as the release of folders in iCloud Drive and audio sharing with two pairs of AirPods. According to Apple, these changes will follow later in the autumn – possibly with iOS 13.2.

(Update_2 10.9.2019 22:25 clock) iPadOS will be released on September 30th together with iOS 13.1 and not as originally written on 19.9. together with iOS 13.0 – the message has been corrected.

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