iOS 14: more privacy with photos

Currently there is only “all or nothing” in Apple’s photo data protection: You can allow an app to access the media library or not. But you almost always want to work with a certain number of images and share them.

With iOS 14 that should change now. As developers noted, Apple released a new privacy feature that brings a significant improvement.

So now a new one appears “Privacy for your photos” dialog when an app requests access to the library. This then offers three options. You can either – as before – allow access to all photos (which in the worst case allows an unwanted picking up of the pictures by an app) or only allow a selection of pictures.

The latter opens a selection dialog in which you can then specify the desired recordings. Finally, there is also the option to completely refuse access to the photo library.

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More from Mac & i

iOS 14 also brings improvements to data protection in other areas. In the future, apps will have to indicate when (and what) they are tracking directly in the app store, so that they can decide before buying or downloading them free of charge. Privacy advocates had long called for such an element.

There is also a new, improved admission indicator for apps. If they activate the microphone or camera in the foreground, you can now see a small symbol in the display bar above the network information. Previously, you only got information when shooting in the background. Furthermore, you can no longer only transmit exact location data to apps, but also “approximate locations” – such as a city or a district instead of the exact street address. This is useful, for example, for local news or weather information on site – and makes it difficult for advertising providers to collect precise data.


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