iPadOS: New shortcuts for Apple keyboards coming soon

Whether it is because Apple wants to save weight or space, it doesn’t really matter: The company’s in-house keyboards for the iPad always save the row of function keys, which annoys many users in everyday life. This makes it difficult to achieve screen brightness or media playback.

The problem applies to both the old Smart Keyboard Folio and the brand new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro devices with 11 and 12.9 inch displays; However, third-party providers such as Logitech or Brydge offer the range of function keys. With the upcoming version of iPadOS there could be improvements here: Apple plans to integrate new shortcuts that partially compensate for the missing hardware keys.

How 9to5Mac in the code of the beta version of iPadOS 13.5.5 discovered, there are supposed to be shortcuts for features for the first time that can currently only be accessed via function keys – or via the system settings, which are difficult to access, and the control center. Among other things, this is the aforementioned function for quickly adjusting the screen brightness, but also other features such as controlling the keyboard brightness on the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.

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More from Mac & i

It is currently not yet possible to activate the new shortcuts, the report continues. In addition, it still seems to be unclear whether there is free configurability by the user. A suitable interface for the functions already exists, since they have long been triggered by keyboards equipped with the function key row. The heads-up display of the screen brightness setting under iPadOS is reminiscent of that of macOS.

Apple had allowed iPadOS 13 to remap the various modifier keys for the first time, which is possible via the system settings. For example, you can make a home button out of the globe button, which is regularly missing from the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro as well as the Smart Keyboard Folio. You can also configure an escape button in this way.


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