iPadOS update may cause problems for iPad Air 2

The import of iPadOS 13 runs on older iPads sometimes wrong. After installing the update, significant problems can immediately be seen on the iPad Air 2, as users report: The iPad can no longer connect to encrypted WLANs with iPadOS and the user interface sometimes comes to a halt, even performing simple functions such as opening a App could take several minutes.

The problem apparently does not affect all owners of the 2014 launched iPad Air 2. But the number of error reports is steadily increasing since Apple offers iPadOS also for automatic installation. The difficulties persist even with the latest version iPadOS respectively iOS 13.1.2, It is among other things in the support forum of the manufacturer,

Some users may be able to use their iPad normally after the update, but can no longer connect to Wi-Fi. This either fails immediately or the iPad repeatedly forgets the WLAN password – and thus remains without Internet access. Particularly problematic: In this state, it is reportedly not possible to completely erase the iPad for recovery because it will first connect to Apple's servers to resolve the link with the Find My iPad service.

It only helped to set up an unencrypted guest WLAN, to which the iPad could then establish a connection, report individual concerned.

Remedy for the problems seems to bring the complete recovery of the iPad in most cases, even a load of the backup does not bring the errors back. Accordingly, users of this iPad model before installing iPadOS should pay particular attention to having a current backup in the hindquarters.

With difficulties with the recovery, which can appear also sometimes helps the flight forwards, write other concerned: Here solved the installation of the public Beta of iOS 13.2 the problems – the Download must however over an unencrypted WLAN done, thus a network connection comes. The iPad Air 2 is the oldest hardware on which iOS 13 / iPadOS is still running.

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