"iPhone 12 Serial Production Was One Month Late"

The coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the smartphone industry, like other sectors. The American The Wall Street Journal newspaper wrote that the US technology giant Apple had to delay the mass production of the iPhone 12, which it plans to introduce in September, by about a month.

Collapsing all over the world like a nightmare Covidien-19 The outbreak not only destroyed the health systems in the countries, but also closed factories producing in various sectors. As you know, the first point of the epidemic was Wuhan, China. Apple Asia, which is the main production base of many smart phone manufacturers, has a very critical position for global markets.

Earlier, coronaviruses we've seen a lot of news that the epidemic has disrupted Apple’s production plans. In the new news of the American The Wall Street Journal on the subject, due to the effect of COVID-19 on supply chains and production iPhone 12 mass production It was stated that he was one month late.

COVID-19 also hit mass production of iPhone 12

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Apple introduces the iPhone series, which it traditionally renews every year, in September and is starting to release new generation models before the end of the month. Cupertinolu technology giant, which normally starts mass production in the summer, sends phones to retailers quickly after launch.

In the news of The Wall Street Journal, Apple's iPhone 12 production will begin in July, but due to serial production delays for one month, it is stated that supply problems may arise later this year. Also in the news, the company will launch it in September. 6.7 inch, 6.1 inch and 5.4 inch It is said to introduce three different iPhone 12 models.

Apple is expected to introduce three different iPhone 12 models in September: 6.7-inch, 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch

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The US company had experienced delays in iPhone production before. The 10th year model introduced in September 2017 iPhone XDue to some setbacks in the production process, it could not go on sale until November. Introduced a full year later iPhone XR On the other hand, it was able to take its place on the shelves in October only after Apple experienced problems with LCD screen production.


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Famous analyst known for his successful predictions about Apple products Ming-Chi Kuoposted last week the reportstated that the production of iPhone 12 was delayed due to the epidemic. Goldman Sachs, the US-based international investment bank, claimed that iPhone 12 might not be available until early November, as travel restrictions could hinder Apple's engineering and manufacturing process.

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