iPhone shortcuts: Major failure of shared shortcuts

Since Wednesday evening, there have been considerable problems with the acquisition of shared iOS shortcuts: When calling iCloud links, an error message appears stating that the “shortcut not found”. As a result, users are no longer able to load completed workflows into Apple’s shortcuts app in order to use them on their own devices – a usually convenient way to use complex shortcuts to automate iPhones and iPads without having to create them yourself first.

Shortcuts that were released a long time ago seem to be mainly affected – sharing takes place via iCloud. Shortcuts newly shared through the app seem to continue to share normally. “The link to the shortcut is possibly invalid or it has been deleted”, the error message continues to list, even if the shared shortcuts are actually still offered as normal.

They know the problem and are working on restoring previously shared shortcuts as soon as possible, Apple shared in a statement to operators of large shortcuts directories with. As of Thursday afternoon, the first links seem to be working again, other shared shortcuts still lead nowhere. This also affects articles from Mac & i with shared shortcuts, for example for customizing the iPhone.

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More from Mac & i

Users with large collections of shortcuts have also used the sharing function as a backup, creating a local backup of the shortcuts is not intended – the synchronization between their own devices is also carried out via iCloud. The failure could undermine trust in shortcuts, according to the community. Apple has integrated shortcuts more and more deeply into the system in recent years, and the app has been preinstalled on iPhones and iPads since iOS 13.


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