iPhone throttling: US states are reportedly reviewing Apple’s approach

Apple continues to pursue the secret software throttling of iPhones in 2017 – also in the important home market USA: Under the direction of the state of Arizona, according to information from the news agency Reuters an investigation to clarify whether Apple’s behavior has violated laws surrounding fraudulent business practices. Several states are involved. Documentation would indicate that the Texas Attorney General is preparing a lawsuit against the iPhone company.

The investigation has been running for around two years, it is said. Apple had to provide investigators with information about the unexpected shutdown of iPhones and the slowdown made by software under certain circumstances – especially for devices with an older battery – how Reuters reported with reference to relevant documents.

Apple recently settled a class-action lawsuit filed by US customers for sneaky iPhone throttling – for around $ 500 million. The plaintiffs had accused Apple of deliberately throttling iPhones in an update to persuade customers to buy new ones. Apple said they wanted to settle the case because of the high legal costs – this was not an admission of guilt.

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More from Mac & i

With an iOS update, Apple introduced automatic performance throttling on iPhones in 2017 to prevent an unexpected emergency shutdown. However, this was not clearly communicated.

Only after disgruntled customers had documented and disclosed the throttling via benchmarks, the manufacturer apologized, exchanged iPhone batteries for a year at a flat price of 30 euros, and handed in the option to manually turn the throttling off again. The case brought numerous lawsuits and complaints in many countries and also the first fines imposed on Apple – for example in France.


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