iPhone XS Max with Taken Clip

Ezgi Yelen's ın My Lonely Women ın clip in Apple Music was the first in our country to be shot with iPhone Xs Max.

Young artist Ezgi Yelen used iPhone XS Max to shoot a video clip of 'Yalnız Kadınım' . The clip will be watched only on Apple music until February 1.

Görkem Tekdal and Çağla Çağlar are the directors of the video. In the clip, seven different friends of the young singer also appear in front of the camera. The young singer, who uses the possibilities of new generation technologies in her video, tells the story of a woman – a songwriter, a composer and a musician – who is struggling to exist independently in the music market –

. LED light, iPhone XS Max and Filmic Pro were used. Görkem Tekdal, one of the directors of the clip, said, leri The iPhone XS Max is, above all, a camera revolution for the directors, and we wanted to see and evaluate this opportunity, and this is why we show how much quality work can be done when every iPhone user who has a directing love knows the opportunity. If you look at the film cameras, you'll see that it has shrunk throughout history, and the point that Apple has brought in business with the iPhone XS Max is a wild revolution that's easy to look at. Ği

Cagla Caglar said: "We had the highest resolution, quality and light that a phone could give, compared to machines."

Arel Koray Nalbant performed the arrangement of his acoustic guitars by Ezgi Yelen, while Dünyacan Yılmaz and Ozan Doğan Ariz accompanied the young artist with their instruments.

and aims to inspire. It is possible to reach the album, songs, and Affected albums of the young artist from the Apple music page.
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