iPhone Xs Video Capabilities (Video)

Apple was too focused on camera enhancements during the launch of the iPhone Xs.

In our previous article on the iPhone Xs cameras, we were delighted at how exaggerated explanations Apple was at the launch, and it was worthwhile to convey to the Webtekno followers that it was worthwhile to mislead consumers. .

Apple releases a video on its official YouTube channel, Shot on iPhone XS, to showcase the camera capabilities of the new premium smartphone iPhone Xs. the harsh. The video, which focuses on 4K (60fps), slow motion and Time Lapse features, shows how professional the iPhone Xs can deliver when a good scene is created.


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It is hard to say that the iPhone Xs has the best smartphone camera. Even the iPhone Xs camera has little difference on paper with the iPhone X camera. But improvements to Apple's camera software and increased performance on the image processor make it possible for the iPhone Xs to record very high quality images.