iPhone Xs, Women Do not Get Eline

better camera, bigger screen, not enough innovation m Is there no question there, what will happen to prices in Turkey saying iPhone related light, we have a debate like ball: Is that too much to fit women's hands big?

5.8 " and the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs models have received a great deal of feminist feedback from many of the end-users alike, but the feminist group leaders of Apple claiming to have developed phones without thinking about women have almost fired Apple

The first to speak about the matter was Caroline Criado Perez:

"I got rid of the RSI (a disease caused by intense and careless use of mice etc.) due to the iPhone 6, and got rid of it with my iPhone SE, which is definitely affecting the hand health of women. 'He drives me crazy not to care about it.'

Later, feminist group leader Jess Phillips spoke:

"Technological developments and innovations are always made with men in mind, and companies should learn to develop products by thinking and giving consideration to all customers!"

Sophie Walker, the President of the Women Equality Party, declared the last word on the matter:

"We know that in the UK, men pay 24% more than women, and men receive 57% more premiums than women, do not you think men care about women when they do designs?"


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