Iran Tested 1300 Kilometers of Ballistic Missile

According to the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the missile with a range of 1300 km succeeded. The Iranian Defense Minister said he had tried a new cruise missile.


            Iran to Repeat Satellite Launch Trials in the Next Months

The successful launch of this missile and the range of 1300 kilometers were the factors that escalated the uneasiness. This missile, called göster the arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran kol, shows that Iran has developed itself quite a bit about it.

US and Iranian Climber Climbs

Iran agreed that it would not conduct a nuclear missile under the Nuclear Agreement signed in 2015. However, even if it is not nuclear, ballistic experiments can be performed much more frequently.


            North Korea Shoots Ballistic Missiles Extending Up to US Boundaries

Under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran would not normally conduct nuclear tests. According to Tehran, the ballistic missile experiments are more defensive. The United States disagrees and often resorted to the United Nations to punish Iran.