Is Ethereum safe to vote? Vitalik Buterin explains

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposed to the Swiss city government to test the Blockchain ballots before digital voting. Swiss Zug city, known for its support to the Blockchain industry, announced the launch of a voting pilot based on both the voting system and the identities of local people on Blockchain technology. Is Ethereum safe to vote?

 Is ethereum safe for voting? Explain Vitalik Buterin
Is ethereum safe for voting? Vitalik Buterin explains

Is Ethereum safe to vote by Vitalik Buterin?

Voting in any country is the most controversial process, and using the Blockchain idea for the same is a logical idea. With a twisted tweet, Buterin suggests that authorities should use Blockchain, but the first step is to start with voting papers. Buterin notes that Blockchain is a safer use than other methods and says:

Ballots are not binding, so security risks are much smaller, take advantage of the ZKPs for blocking and confidentiality for verifiability

An open identity program based on Ethereum Blockchain

uPort is an open identity program based on Ethereum Blockchain. The uPort is defined according to its web site as:

Restores the identity of the entity

Users can log their identity to Ethereum, send and query identity information, sign transactions and securely manage keys and data. All of this is allowed with the explicit identity scheme of the application. This Ethereum application aims to create a shared identity network

What does voting practice do on the Ethereum network

This application allows a user to access a set of identity information that a user has collected from the network. Users can always choose what to share. uPort also consists of identity and messaging protocols that form an interoperable identity layer for decentralized web. Modular open source components, developer tools, and mobile customers help the individual connect with their users.

We make it easy to build on Ethereum

The e-voting pilot, which will take place from June 25th to July 1st, 2018, is part of the city's initiatives to embrace more Blockchain implementations is coming. In addition, this will be linked to an ongoing digital identity study.


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