Is it Possible to Mine 69 Thousand Bitcoins with Quantum Computer?

Quantum computers are known to have very high levels of throughput and are also capable of cracking passwords. While it seems unlikely for these computers to gain access to the lost bitcoins at the moment, that could change soon.

Almost for free 700 million dollars Would you like to win? For this, all you have to do is crypto wallet password but no one has succeeded so far. So can quantum computers achieve this?

Actually, this debate is twitter even if it started with the post of its user quantum computers It gives a clue as to where it is now and where it might reach in the future.

Wallet that cannot be broken for 2 years

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Crypto Twitter user Alon Gal, about the platform 30 thousand followers He asked how to get into a cryptocurrency wallet with 69,000 Bitcoins in it. According to Gal’s post, this wallet contains about $ 700 million worth of Bitcoin, for 2 years Even though it went from hand to hand, nobody was able to crack the password.

Alon Gal jokingly in his post From Google to herself “Tuning a quantum computer” wanted. Of course, Google won’t do such a thing, but quantum computers does it really have the capacity to decrypt these passwords?


An Invention That Will Change Quantum Computer Technology Has Been Made

The answer to this question no however, this is not an absolute no. Rather, it is necessary to answer as “not yet”. Advances in this area, according to many, block chain It can compromise the reliability of their applications.

Is it possible to transfer money outside the internet?

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The World’s Most Powerful Quantum Computer Has Been Created

In previous studies in China, quantum entanglement It was possible to change the encryption key from a distance of 1300 kilometers. As a result of new advances, transactions can be made even without internet.

On the other hand, last year, from former Bitcoin developers Peter toddoperations that would normally take 10 thousand years In 3 minutes 20 seconds quantum computer, cryptography not at all close to breaking. According to the audit firm Deloitte, this is not the case at all, the current quantum computers, 25% of the cryptocurrency circulation threatens How the result will be is currently unknown.

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