Is the bitcoin depreciation a bullish trap?

Bitcoin's $ 2,000 bounce last week was a great excitement and joy. With this increase, Bitcoin came back from the dead and started the bull run by the end of December . Bitcoin, however, lost more than 10% this week, losing $ 1,000 to $ 7,300 lost.

The Bitcoin hodler of sales

A respected crypto currency interpreter Tone Vays was one of those who said there would be a serious correction. Vays made the following comment before the collapse began:

We broke the $ 6,400 and went up to $ 8,300 in a few days. I didn't understand why. I don't see anything in the charts that should have caused this. I do not see the increase in the fund that is basically entering the market and causing it. This present movement doesn't make any sense to me. So I've decided to remove some of my Bitcoins that I keep long-term

. Positive in the market
there was a steady growth of emotions and the boat shaking too much. With this
together, recent large and quick gains, exciting, though questioning

The bull trap

Markets to move as they did last week
When it starts, many people force the demand to quickly get Bitcoin and so on
raises the price. However, this is speculative investment and when it becomes unsustainable

When investors see big and fast profits, they can fall into a bull trap and be very badly injured. Still, you need to see if this is a bull trap or just a small fix.

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