Is the market ready for this? Ethereum can beat Bitcoin by market value!

Ethereum (ETH) can replace Bitcoin (BTC), but not like any other crypto currency. In fact, too many beings like Bitcoin have proved themselves on the market. This necessity of existence is based on hundreds of crypto-papers based on Ethereum, a force that makes it a true master of cryptographic money markets and indeed the account must join. Despite the recent SEC-related problems due to its classification as a potential security, Ethereum continues to grow much more enthusiastically than before. Is the ready market ready for this?

Ethereum is called "The Flippening" in the crypto sector

At present, Ethereum and Bitcoin have a $ 75 billion difference in terms of market value. This difference can go away if Ethereum has increased more strongly against Bitcoin in the coming weeks. Last year, Ripple (XRP) left Ethereum behind for a short period of time, but this did not last long. Bitcoin's money was not taken by another crypto money for a short period of time.

 Is the market ready for this? Ethereum can beat Bitcoin by market value
Is the market ready for it? Ethereum can beat Bitcoin for market value!

Ethereum, which can come from Bitcoin's market value perspective, is called "The Flippening" in the crypto sector. There are websites that indicate that Ethereum is very close to replacing Bitcoin and will replace Btcoin in the future. However, there is a reason why this situation has not yet happened. Bitcoin is the first crypto money in the crypto money industry and its adoption level is big enough to match any other token. But for Ethereum this is different. Even more important is the gateway to the Bitcoin crypto markets. To buy Ethereum, most investors have to buy Bitcoin first. Similarly, in order to turn Ethereum back into reality, most investors must first convert to Bitcoin.

Is the market ready for this?

While it seems difficult nowadays, Ethereum may come from above Bitcoin in situations where the future factors are no longer an obstacle to "The Flippening". Bitcoin is such a big crypto money that it makes it a digital gold. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum will serve as a gateway to pay for Dapps creation and related services. When it comes to crypto money market blockages and Dapps, it makes sense to think that Ethereum might be the best crypto money when the level of adoption is reached. However, to be able to achieve this, the current problem with Ethereum must be resolved in scalability, decentralization, reconciliation and code changes.

Ethereum's legal status may be at stake. However, given the reflections of a movement of the term Ethereum as a security on the market's lagging, it probably will not have a significant impact. The real problem, however, is that many developers in the interior are not ready to give up on Vitalik Buterin's control, leading to more centralization.

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