Is this good or bad?

According to the growth chart of the ethereum supply, the total supply of Ethereum exceeded 100 million. Total supply is the best indicator of cryptic money circulating on the market and showing the money in the hands of the general public. According to CoinMarketCap data, circulation supply is the main component of market value calculation rather than total supply or maximum supply

What does total supply indicate?

In general, changes in aggregate supply directly lead to a price change because it affects the price of crypto money. Tracking the circulating source is the best way to estimate the demand for a crypto currency. According to market accounts, the less money in circulation, the higher the price. The circulating resource is usually a value used to calculate the price of the crypto money. A good circulation source creates demand for investors.

 The total supply of Ethereum has exceeded 100 million: is this good or bad?
Ethereum's total supply exceeds 100 million.

Ethereum's founder, Vitalik Buterin, is in a recent OmiseGo question-and-answer event with the second layer of solutions such as Sharding and Plasma, and finally in the middle of the Ethereum network. 1 million, potentially over 100 million transactions can be done. Vitalik Buterin said:

Bitcoin is currently trading at slightly less than three transactions at the moment and if it is approaching four, it is already at its highest capacity. Ethereum has five at the moment, and if it's more than six, then at the same time the highest capacity. On the other hand, Uber is on average an average of 12 transactions in hundreds, hundreds in PayPal, several thousand in Visa, tens of thousands of big stock exchanges and hundreds of thousands in IOT

Ethereum's total supply exceeds Bitcoin

Bitcoin Ethereum, the second largest crypto money in the world, shows the growth of the total supply. Ambcrypto

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