Is Your Brand’s Advertisement Videos Sounds Barely Meaningful?

Making a silent commercial film … It would be tempting to say that this is the best method, but I can easily say it is a very good method. In which situations is it good to produce good, silent commercials, in which situations is the best way to send messages?

First of all, let’s explain what I do not mean (what I mean) when I say silent commercial film. It is not an advertising film without any sound effects or melodies;

What is the prospect of this?

Why do I suggest using some kind of multimedia (multimedia) tool, video-limited? I answer: For simplicity.

Yes, Simplicity.

I believe that I will be able to express better with examples in the near future.

You know how important the following things about simplicity are in terms of marketing:

Simple narration,
Simple access,
Simple to use.

The last two of these items (simple access and use) relate to the structure of your products and distribution channels. The simple narrative section covers almost all of your marketing-advertising work. Your slogans, your text for content marketing, your messages on videos, your videos and all other advertising tools that come to your mind … It’s all as simple as consumed content.

To make your movie more consumed, even viral, you can give.


Let’s remember that advertisement falling under the heading of “Prohibited Audi Advertisement” in the Internet agenda:

This advertisement will listen to the filmini silently There is almost no difference between listening and listening.

If you make “best ads in the world” or something like this, you’ll often see this ad. You’ll see that this ad is mentioned in the authors’ books, which are fed from success stories, but many do not explain the reason for the success of the ad. I explain:

Pretty good fiction
A fairly simple presentation

They gave up many things to simplify presentation

Long ad was abandoned during the period. (Pretty short ad)
Voice explanations have been abandoned.
A reputation has been abandoned in the ad (reference method).

They could even give up the texts of tradition. I think that if there was no text on the video, the message would still reach the recipient in a healthy way. Still, there’s no need to simplify it that much.

Did you remember the public spot named Sussex Safer Roads Partnership?

One of the legendary commercials that gave the message “Embrace life, always wear your seat belt.”

The above examples do not prevent you from getting the message on your videos, even if the sound of your computer, your phone, or your TV is completely off.


Remember sponsored ads that are automatically placed in front of videos on YouTube. I give a hint to those who have difficulty remembering: Have you ever visited a hotel on the internet?

Yes, you remember; I’m talking about the trivago ad.

Alright, Trivago commercial film is now available with autoplay feature on Facebook, so it’s possible that this ad is audible and that the search for “hotel on the internet” and “Trivago” were available within the first 2 seconds.
Think about it: You see a video that you play on your own as you drag down the time tunnel, but it’s silent. Yes, there is an autoplay feature on Facebook, but the videos are silent. If you click on it, it becomes audible.

It would be useful to consider in which channels (or whichever channel the largest budget will spend) when creating your commercials.

Trivago advertising could not have been so effective if it had not been a feature to automatically switch videos from video to video on Youtube. While listening to music, we often had to listen to Trivago before the next song, or leave the autoplay feature on, or get the most important message until we click on the link “ATL”. That’s another topic, but here’s what I want to point out:

If we can not deliver the message we want in 2 seconds, we can not get the result we wanted from a loud, loud commercial film that popped into people. Likewise, if we know that even on Facebook and other social media tools, few people will click on the ad to film it;

Nevertheless, remind us that we do not need excuses, the purpose of our silent commercial film is simple (simple message). So, when you’re making a TV commercial, you can also build an advertising film that does not have verbal expression.

I would like to express my gratitude that I am inspired by the creator named SATAN ADVERTISEMENT CREATIVE, which I read with great pleasure before writing this article.