ISS Astronauts Carried Out SpaceX's ’Earth, Figure

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft and a plush toy resembling a cute world figure that loves the plush toy, the International Space Station staff plush stuffed.

SpaceX sent to the International Space Station Crew Dragon stationed on March 3 . More than 160 kilos of material were placed in the Crew Dragon, a crash-test dummy, and a cute, Earth-shaped plush stuffed into the Crew Dragon,

. The car returned to Earth on Friday. In the coming months, NASA and SpaceX will collect the data they receive in this task and make the vehicle ready for manned flights. The first astronauts to fly will be Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley.


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Even if the Crew Dragon returns to Earth, the same thing does not apply to the] Earthy Cre plush. NASA astronaut Anne McClain, the Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques and the Ruscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko have decided to keep 'Little Earthle' at the station as an unofficial recruiter. He believed that other astronauts had raised him well


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The SapceX Demo-1 mission was to show that Crew Dragon was ready for astronaut flights. For this purpose, a test mannequin, Ripley, was sent to ISS at the end of the flight

and the last seat was placed on the other seat. Elon Musk shared this by writing üç Super-high-tech zero-g meter added just before the take-off tan.

When the vehicle was locked, three Exploration 58 members were waiting for him. As soon as the car door was opened, McClain received the little Earth. Quite a lot of fun with the toy astronaut, sharing a picture of the Earth and Earth on a share from a Twitter account. Isn't it beautiful? İL


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When it was time to go back to Earth, the astronauts, who did not want to leave the Earth, decided to send the Crew Dragon as missing.