It's possible to be a charismatic speaker with the right hand movements

According to a research conducted at the University of Vienna, speaking with the right hand and arm movements strengthens the communication between the listener and the speaker.

Hand movements made while speaking in front of a community according to sociological and psychological researches are based on the image of the speaker and the perception of the listeners have a fairly active share.


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Although the basis of an effective speech is assessed with content and a successful tone, gestures and mimics used during conversations, even hand movements, are critical to the speaker. A study conducted at the University of Vienna shows that hand movements can have different consequences on the audience.

According to the research, a person can only leave a long or short image because he or she is on the stage using only hand and arm movements. Basically, we examine the hand movements and their purposes which are effective in the image of the personality and dominance that the speaker wants to reflect.

Perception of authority

In the experiment, the voices of the speakers were cut off and only hand movements were presented to the test. According to the result of the experiment, one of the most effective methods was hand movement, which expresses itself with vertical movements in the shoulder width, shoulder width and shoulder width. Thanks to this movement, the person can achieve a more effective image in terms of dominance, reliability and open-mindedness. However, if the movements are exaggerated, the situation can be understood as arrogance, commandment, and even aggression.

Movements that show the boy longer

The same experiment found interestingly that the vertical hand and arm movements of the shoulder width affected the size perception on the subjects. Even though the psychological factors could not be solved completely, the subject group estimated it to be taller than it was because there were speakers who made such movements.

Charisma and Leadership

Experts, explaining that hand and arm movements make the speaker feel more confident, said that this self-confidence is best reflected on the other side. Vanessa Van Edwards, a body language expert who supported Konuyu with a different argument, found that when viral TED talkings were examined, almost all of the most effective known talks used the hand arm movements and more quantitatively.


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To summarize, to be a good speaker, paying attention to the right hand and arm movements beyond words and shading is accepted as one of the most fundamental elements of effective speaking.