Izmir Energy Summit19, 23-24 February at Ege University

IEEE EGE is a student community that has been operating in Ege University since 1991 and is creating value at Ege University with its technology technology for humanity. IEEE EGE's first activity in this area is the Izmir Energy Summit19, which produces events and technical projects in all fields with 7 different committees of engineering.

IEEE EGE Power and Energy Society is calling for the Izmir Energy Summit. They continued the series in 2017 and they continued the series in 2018 and they continue the tradition with the third place on 23-24 February. According to the previous two years, this year they will come up with a different concept. The first day of the event will be through series of conferences and panels. On the second day, parallel trainings will be given in different areas of Energy and the participants will be able to participate in the trainings they prefer within the quota.

Tarık ORANÇ, Director of Power Control and Renewable Energy Program from ASELSAN, Başak TUNCER, Process Manager from PETKİM, and Sencer ÖZEN from İzmir Development Agency will present their presentations. In addition to this, there will be panels on energy and new generation vehicles. Enejide entrepreneurship panel will be the moderator of Onur Energy, and LOGGMA and ENIO companies as StartUp and İskender Kökey, the founding partner of Xgen Energy, will be the panelists of Görkem from ENERCAST. The new generation of vehicles panel will be organized by Berkan BAYRAM, TEHAD's engineer Sinan GÖKTEPE from FORD OTOSAN, Sertel TANTA from GÜNSEL and the CEO of KODECO, Mr. Kerem ODABAŞI. Besides the technical sessions, Zafer Parlak from the İzgören Academy, which was founded by Ahmet Şerif İzgören, will take part in the program as a social guest.

The second day;

In the title of Energy Management and Law Education, in the Energy Economy, from the Enercon firm, Assoc. Dr. Dr. Cenk SEVİM, energy management system standards Arif HEPBAŞLI and Energy Law Department of Av. Selma Karaduman will take place.
Cooling load calculation and energy efficiency. Hüseyin ÖZCAN,
Nuclear Technologies and Energy education from Ege University Institute of Nuclear Sciences Assoc. Dr. Berkay CAMGÖZ,
In the field of wind energy and photovoltaic power systems, we have received Assoc. Dr. Numan Sabit ÇETIN,
Prof. Dr. Ege University, the founder of BESTMER in Biomass Energy education. Günnur KOÇAK,
Turan TURHAN, Chief Electric Engineer and Gülşen Şahin ANDAŞ, chief engineer, will take part in the training related to petrochemical technology from TÜPRAŞ.

You can visit the website of to get more information about the Izmir Energy Summit I19, and to register for the event.