Jaguar Attacked Woman Over Fences To Do Selfie

She jumped above the barriers and attacked the jeep with a jaguar to make a selfie. The Jaguar will not be killed after this incident.

Although it is hard for people to follow certain rules, there are reasons for that. The need to wear hard hats in the study area is not to look hard to the eyes of the helmets, but to prevent the employees to be hit by the head. In Arizona, a woman who visited Wildlife World Zoo, crossed the barriers to make a selfie and approached the bottom of the cage.


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The woman, who was immediately intervened by the medical staff, was taken to a nearby hospital. It was stated that the wounds of the woman did not pose a danger.


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The zoo issued a tweet on the issue and informed about the situation. . Please understand why these barriers are placed, Tw says Tweette. Tonight our prayers are for the family. Uy

People reacted to the woman, while the zoo threatened to boycott the jagas. Wildlife World Zoo calmed their followers by stating that they would not harm the animal. Some people thanked the zoo for not giving the jaguar to sleep