Jaguar Develops Driverless Carriers to the Pedestrians

Driverless vehicle technology is entering our lives more and more every day, and people's confidence in these vehicles is not much. For this reason, Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, which have developed a new system, will give signs about the direction they will go to the pedestrians

. In recent years, many models of different brands have been introduced in this area, while great progress has been made, people are experiencing the problem of trust in this technology due to the accidents that occur in large and fatalities.

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Large companies such as Tesla, Uber and Airbus are introducing a different system every day to drive people's confidence back. One of the most interesting and up-to-date systems designed for pedestrian safety has recently been introduced by the Jaguar Land Rover brand. Automobile manufacturer's driverless vehicle, the direction of the direction, acceleration and deceleration, the direction of the direction of the person outside the vehicle is visually reported. The car, thanks to the light lines it reflects on the road, increases its visibility and also shows predictable movements for its surrounding traffic.


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The engineers of the company said that it seems clear that people do not trust these tools in their research, and that they found the appropriate method to reverse this situation. Jaguar's vehicle, going to the left, the lines in blue tones to the left to make a curve, when the vehicle will accelerate the distance between the lines will increase, when it will slow down. The company aims to create a predictable traffic for pedestrians and cyclists.

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