Java expertise in the cloud: Microsoft grabs jClarity

Microsoft acquired the British start-up jClarity, founded in 2012. This is considered a proven expert in the optimization of data-driven Java Virtual Machines (JVM). In addition, employees of the company are significantly involved in initiatives such as Adopt a JSR and AdoptOpenJDK. Their team should now help to use the developments in the Java platform on Microsoft's cloud environment Azure.

AdoptOpenJDK is a free jClarity-initiated OpenJDK implementation that supports companies such as Amazon, Azul, GoDaddy, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, Red Hat, SAP and Microsoft (since 2018). AdoptOpenJDK uses infrastructure, build, and test scripts to create preconfigured binaries from OpenJDK class libraries for the HotSpot VM of OpenJDK and the VM of OpenJ9, the Eclipse Foundation's OpenJDK distribution.

Microsoft writes in the announcement to take overthat it has increasingly used Java in recent years and now offers several implementations such as Azure HDInsight and Minecraft. In addition, Microsoft customers such as Adobe, Daimler and Société Générale have brought their Java production workloads to Azure.

With Censum, jClarity provides locally installable software and Censum as Service, a cloud service that installs agents on the systems being monitored and delivers the results for analysis. For example, I / O bottlenecks, garbage collection problems, deadlocks and waiting times are investigated and reported. The agent is a Java application that runs as a process on the system being monitored. A dashboard allows customers to view the collected results. In recent years, Illuminate has added a machine learning performance diagnostic engine.

become a customer of Clarity according to Martijn Verburg, former CEO of jClarity and now Principal Engineering Group Manager (Java) at Microsoft, is expected to be contacted in the coming weeks to assist with product and support issues as a result of the acquisition.

Recently, several well-known Java developers have joined Microsoft, including Ed Burns, Oracle's longtime JavaServer Faces operator (JSF), and Oracle's former Java EE evangelist Reza Rahmin.


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