Jeep Revealed That It Has Made A New Name Claim

Jeep, a company belonging to the Chrysler automotive group, is known for its off-road vehicles worldwide. It is thought that the company, whose vehicles in the market are very popular, is working on something new. The source of this idea is the company's application for the right to name for Obsidian.

Recently announced that it was working on a special electric bicycle and announced that it will launch this electric bike in the summer of 2020. Jeepas is known, in the context of the automobile SUV When it comes to mind, it is one of the first brands that come to mind. It is also known that the company that likes to try new things has been working on Grand Wagoneer for a while. If everything goes well, we will come across next year Jeep Grand Wagoneermay come with some surprises.

Company Grand wagoneer Leaving aside his plans, his application to the US Patent and Trademark Office this week may be a sign that interesting moves may come from Jeep. 'Obsidian' This name of Jeep, which bought the rights of its name, for a new brand or new trim It is not yet clear whether it will be used for the package.

Where will we see the obsidian name?


Next to the right to name in documents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office "Off-road vehicles, passenger cars" statement is included. This too obsidian It causes comments that its name can be used in a wide area. Maybe Jeep, this name In the Grand Wagoneer It will use.

The word obsidian, actually a brilliant stone in black used to express. This may indicate that the company can use the Obsidian name on a brand. Of course, all this is rumored right now. So it will come from the company official statement waiting will be the right move.


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Obsidian may also be the name given to the special version of one of the Jeep vehicles available in the market. Jeep Obsidian Edition A vehicle named can meet auto enthusiasts. Considering the company's behaviors to implement previous applications, the estimate to see where the Obsidian name will be used The year of 2021 we'll have to wait.

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