Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle: We are at the beginning of everything tokenize!

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Circle's payments company, spoke at MoneyConf in Dublin this morning.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire: "An unprecedented crypto revolution will happen!"

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle Jeremy Allaire, said: "It is an unprecedented crypto revolution! according to Blockchain, is preparing to revolutionize every aspect of finance and reinvent public and civil services in its image, just as the Internet has transformed data and communications. Jeremy Allaire said:

When you have an open global, constant record keeping system, a transaction processing system and a secure computing environment, you can re-conceptualize every aspect of finance globally.

The Circle's USDC will be an ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum network

Allaire will be an all-rounder of all sorts of companies and trade agreements, as well as all the systems we use to make corporate and social decisions. value storage and public record has become a crypto token that is free-market value and can be traded on global digital stock exchanges, addressing a vision of a globalized economy and society.

Later on, Allaire says that with crypto assets, your home, your car or your art can be tokens and you can open global financial relationships around any physical property.

Then Allaire, Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) ) as well as cryptographic assets supporting "Blockchain-based platforms". Last month, Circle closed a $ 110 million fundraiser, jointly run by mining equipment maker Bitmain, to develop a stable US cigarette fund. Circle's USDC will be an ERC-20 tie based on the Ethereum network and will be released by Circle in the summer. The investment has brought the value of Circle to nearly $ 3 billion since 2016.


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