JetBrains presents version 1.1 of the DeepCode plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA

Version 1.1 of the plug-in published by JetBrains for connecting its integrated development environment IntelliJ IDEA to the code review platform DeepCode, which specializes in machine learning, has been released. The platform should now analyze the code of large projects more quickly and highlight changes proposed visually.

The AI-trained extension for the development environment of JetBrains is designed to detect bugs and critical weaknesses in code – so far, according to the provider, DeepCode supports the programming languages ​​Java, C / C ++, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript. Once installed, the extension should automatically inform users of critical vulnerabilities in the code and issue warnings when they are saved in the development environment used. Errors and potential points of attack should be neutralized before the code goes into production.

A new, AI-based technology called Ontology, integrated into the code review platform, is also intended to provide developers with the reason for a potential bug that has been discovered, which should make the DeepCode engine more transparent for their users. The official announcement on the DeepCode blog includes additional information on the function of the code review platform, explains the installation process and the exact usage. Further Notes can be found in the version history of the current release at JetBrains. Additional Those interested can also find information on the DeepCode company website.



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