John McAfee's Speech Will Be Abolished on Death Threats Taken

John Mcafee announced today that he will not leave the scene of the B lockchain World Conference (BWC), which he would normally speak alive, because of the 'convincing death threats' and audience safety

Official BWC the reason for the cancellation is due to the life-threatening nature of McAfee and the audience "

Despite the cancellation of the speech, the King of Crypto announced that he did not throw it all back, and that he would perform the closing speech in a live broadcast from an untrained location.

John McAfee

On June 20, 19459004, John McAfee stated that he was threatened by the SEC, and from now on he told his followers that he would not be in any advertising or referral for token sales or investments.

"Due to SEC threats I will no longer work with ICOs, I will not recommend them. If they do, they will cause me to be arrested. This is not fair, but it is true. I am trying to write an alternative article equivalent to the ICOs that the SEC can not interfere with. Please be patient. "