Joint venture: Telekom and EWE are opening the networks

Deutsche Telekom and EWE are in favor of the commitments made to the Bundeskartellamt to found the joint venture under the name Glasfaser Nordwest. "With the commitments to the Bundeskartellamt, we have now formally secured these goals, and customers and other telecommunications providers can count on us to implement the planned expansion and opening up of the network."said Telekom spokesman Andreas Middel on request.

Job market

  1. PROSIS GmbH, various locations
  2. ANDRITZ Fiedler GmbH, Regensburg

The company wants to provide Internet access to up to 1.5 million households and companies in parts of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bremen. The technical basis is Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Both partners expect an investment of up to two billion euros over a period of around ten years.

"We have always said that Northwest Fiber will build the most modern infrastructure in the Northwest and make it available to all interested telecommunications providers without discrimination"said EWE spokesman Mathias Radowski. "After the conclusion of the merger control proceedings, which according to the Bundeskartellamt should be completed by January 2020 at the latest, we want to set up the company as soon as possible and start the expansion."

Both partners want to expand the infrastructure as a general contractor. Subsequently, Glasfaser Nordwest will award the development areas to third parties by means of a selection procedure. In 2020, the first customers in the expansion area should be able to use the new fiber optic connections.

On 5 December 2019, the Federal Cartel Office approved essential parts of the fiber optic cooperation subject to conditions. Accordingly, only in non-assisted areas may be expanded, a concentration on urban areas is not allowed.

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