JPM Coin and Facebook Coin review from the founder of Binance

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of transaction volume, evaluated the crypto money that JPMorgan Coin and Facebook have developed.

Unless he can do anything they want, he said, “It's better if more people adopt crypto coins. Adoption is adoption. Let's wait and see how well they'll do. Daha

Binance's founder, adding later, el Don't buy it if you don't like them. Nobody is forcing you. ’

Sun, who supported Zhao with Tron's founder and CEO Justin Sun, said: ıy I'm totally in agreement. How much better. Ices

The impact JPM Coin is eagerly anticipated

The crypto money market is eagerly awaiting the results of these two projects. While JPM Coin's impact on the banking sector will be a question mark, it will be time for other banks to follow JPMorgan and develop their own crypto money.

JPM Coin output from Ripple CEO

However, Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently commented on JPM Coin: ord I was seeing a guy from Morgan Stanley last week, and I asked him, will Morgan Stanley use JPM Coin? Probably not. Will Citi use it? […] What about PNC? And the answer is again no. So there will be a lot of different crypto money, what happened? We went back to where we are: there is a lack of interoperability.,

Garlinghouse said that JPM Coin continued to make use of the dollar and therefore did not solve any problems. Ripple .s CEO also said that the only good thing JPM Coin can say about is the involvement of players like JPMorgan in the crypto-money sector. It is known that the company developed its own crypto money with a team of more than 50 engineers. It was written that the social media giant took this team to a separate office from other employees to ensure the confidentiality of the project.

Allegations are that Facebook's crypto money will be a fixed cryptocurrency indexed to at least three national currency currencies. It is suggested that the company aims to ensure that its crypto money is available to all its services, including Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. Considering that Facebook has about 2 billion active users per day in all services, it is expected that the project will have an impact on the crypto money market. In addition, it was recently claimed that Facebook was discussing stock exchanges on crypto money

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