July 11 crypto money markets summary

On Thursday (July 11th), sales in the crypto money market started yesterday and continue today. The prominent figures are as follows:

  • Total market value: 316 billion dollars (change according to yesterday: – 10.86 percent – 38.6 billion dollars)
  • Average trading volume: 104.2 billion dollars
  • BTC market share: 65.4 percent

When looking at the crypto money markets, the double-digit losses of high-capital crypto coins are noteworthy. .

July 11 Bitcoin price analysis [19659008] Yesterday, escalating up to $ 13,000 BTC / USD, compared to the sales in Turkey were subjected to large amounts of time from the afternoon. When the Bitcoin Market did not meet these sales, we found that the market reversed. There is currently a 10 percent drop in Bitcoin, and the 4-hour BTC / USD chart is testing the moving average level of 100 candles (11,640). Yesterday, when the support level of $ 11,900 was broken, we see a graph that dangles to $ 11,600.

When we look at the 10-day July activity, we see Bitcoin's
can hold twice the 100-candle moving average against the dollar
visible. The market reacts significantly to this average value.
Considering BTC / USD, which could hold 100 HO for the third time today
The pair may recover from this point.

On the other hand, the uptrend in July was also broken.
it is worth saying. $ 12,500 levels to resume the uptrend
needs to be caught. BTC / USD parity, 200 candles
It can move to test the moving average value of $ 10,300.

When we look at the BTC / USD parity from a wider perspective, we can say that the main bullish trend is still valid. Stochastic RSI, which is currently pointing to oversold conditions, and MACD, which is located in the negative zone, have not yet recovered. With these indicators, the RSI indicator's upward movement on the 4-hour chart can be perceived as a recovery signal.

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