June 13 Ripple price analysis: Under XRP / USD sales pressure

June 13 Ripple price movements are summarized briefly below:

  • Ripple fell below 0.58 dollar support zone due to general market pressure against the dollar
  • Looking at the hourly chart, we see a new downward trende below $ 0.58
  • The XRP / USD has a lower risk of lower levels below the $ 0.55 level in the short run
  • Ripple is finally under heavy selling pressure against Bitcoin and the US dollar.

June 13 Ripple price movements

We saw yesterday that Ripple gave a slight recovery signal against the US dollar. Although the price rose to over $ 0.58 during the day, the company faced strong sales near $ 0.60. The 0.60 level now serves as a solid support for the XRP. Moreover, Fibonacci support resistance levels between the last peak and the dip point indicate that the level of fib 50 is currently an obstacle to the pair.

The downward wave led to the price declining to $ 0.56. More importantly, there was a breach below $ 0.55, the main support level. And the price was seen at the lowest price of 0.5549 before the loss of consciousness. In the upward direction, the first resistance seems to be at 23.6 level. In the event of a $ 0.58 defeat, the XRP may enter a new downtrend. The pair may improve at a few points. In particular, levels of $ 0.58 and $ 0.59 are very important for this price correction.

 Ripple Price Analysis XRP USD

When we look at the graph, we can say that the price is under $ 0.60.

We see that the MACD is placed in the sales territory on the hourly chart

The hourly RSI is on the 25-hour chart,

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