Justin Sun: Tron and Tether Partnership Will Crush Omni

Tron Foundation and the crypto currency they produce TRX is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in the world of crypto money, and Tron is becoming more and more prominent with new partnerships and steps each day.

As known, Tron recently signed a partnership with Tether, a stable coin, and announced that the USDT stable koine will be listed on the Tron blockchain network in the second quarter of 2019. Justin Sun said at the time that Tron's own stable coinage would be very beneficial to the ecosystem and would be a great convenience to the institutions entering the Tron blockchain network.

Tether was first on the platform called Omni and after that, Ethereum, now de Tron network-specific versions released. Justin Sun also called on the Omni platform and stressed that Tron and Tether partnerships would make a difference to Omni.

TRX / USDT parity has reduced the risk and volatility to a minimum, Sun said, adding that the instant and almost free transactions in the Tron blockchain network are a great advantage for Tether. . The Tron network is smarter than Omni, and Sun shared the topic with its followers on their official Twitter account. @Tether_to partnership is going to leave Omni in the dust 900

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) 7 March 2019