Kanuni Launches 2 New ATV Models

Two new domestic production vehicles, Kanuni ATV 150 and Kanuni ATV 180, which were produced for the purpose of hobby, transportation and light weight transportation, were introduced.

Kanuni is one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in our country. Kanuni has added two new ATVs to its product range, especially the affordable and low-engine models known to many.


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Kanuni ATV 150 and Kanuni ATV 180 models, which introduced the company, especially in summer and dry sections of the people seem to target. These models can be used for transportation or as a hobby or for the transport of light loads. Both vehicles can be used as off road.

The ATV 150 has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a volume of 149.6 cubic meters. Can reach 8.84 horsepower, the vehicle's length is 1760mm, width is 1060mm and height is 1160mm. The vehicle has a load capacity of 250 kilograms. The speed of the vehicle can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour.


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Another model introduced by Kanuni, the ATV 180 comes with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a volume of 177.3 centimeters. Larger engine, the size of the ATV 150 is the same vehicle maximum power of 9.24 horsepower, and the speed of 55 kilometers allows. The empty weight of the ATV 180 is 165 and its load capacity is 255 kilograms.

Soil, mud, land can be used in these vehicles ATV 150 price of 12.140 TL, the price of ATV 180 was announced as 13.500 TL. Both models can be purchased in installments up to 60 months.