Kaufberatung Streaming Clients: The best devices for movies, music and games

As smart as TVs are now, manufacturers can hardly keep up with developments in the streaming market. Whether Apple TV + or Disney +: When LG, Samsung, Sony & Co. publish appropriate apps for their TVs, is in the stars – if anything comes at all. Or the Netflix app is no longer supported, as recently users of Samsung TVs had to find.

In addition to music and video streaming, playing on a TV without a PC and console is also playing an important role. The spectrum ranges from casual games on the Fire TV Stick 4K to game blockbusters, which can be used thanks to GeForce Now and Googe Stadia. The search for the ideal streaming client will be correspondingly difficult. We show which services, techniques and features the current generation offers and what limitations may be hidden.

If you limit yourself to the hardware, which is intended primarily for streaming, the market is very clear. The four big companies in Germany are Amazon, Apple, Google and Nvidia. With the exception of Nvidia, all vendors have the reputation of promoting their own offerings – whether video or audio streaming – or even blocking others. No wonder, the market is considered very lucrative and as a way to strengthen their own ecosystem. But as a means to an end – ie transporter of its own content – you can not call the current representatives on closer inspection.

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